How to BBQ better

Hello, My name is D’amico Hall and I have tried to BBQ for my family and friends that would please them for days on end. But, I feel my skills are lacking something. I can make a dry rub ( no mustard, medically allergic to it ) where it is somewhat spicy, somewhat sweet ( Cayenne pepper  and brown sugar are in the rub) with enough pull to it to have texture. My pork steaks and chicken are ok too, and my family and friends enjoy it, but I feel I could do better. I want to be able to BBQ the right way. I want to learn how to smoke any meat I desire, the right way. I want to know what to do and what not to do to my meats. Is there anyway you can assist me in my endeavor to BBQ the right way? Also, I am disheartened that you are not competing anymore, but glad you are going to spend more time with your daughter, as I have 4 girls and a son myself, so I understand how you must feel. I do hope to hear more from you and hope you enjoy the time off from competition. Is there a book out there on creating rubs for various meats, fish, poultry, if so, can you steer me onto them ,regardless if it is your own recipe or someone else that you enjoy and don’t mind telling me about them.
Thank you for your emails and hope to hear from you soon!

New pork butt rule

Copy of new rules for Pork Butt.
Pork Rule FAQ
March 13, 2014
Pork FAQ
Rule 10)
Pork: Pork is defined at Boston Butt, Boston Roast, Picnic and/or Whole Shoulder, weighing a minimum of four (4) pounds at the time of inspection.  After trimming, pork shall be cooked whole (bone in or bone out), however, once cooked, it may be separated and returned to the cooker at the cook’s discretion. It may be turned in chopped, pulled, chunked, sliced or a combination of any of these.
1.  What does ‘once cooked’ mean? Answer:  The KCBS board of directors considers the FDA guidelines for safe cooking temperatures the definition of cooked.  In the case of pork that is 145 degrees F with a 3 minute rest time.  Visit for more info.
2.  Can a butt be trimmed down to just the money muscle and still be considered a legal entry? Answer: No.  The rule states that pork must be cooked whole.  Trimming means to remove unwanted fat or gristle, anything beyond that is considered parting.
3.  Once the pork reaches a temp equal to or above 145 degrees, can I remove the money muscle and then return the rest of the butt to the cooker? Answer:  Yes, but the money muscle must be held at a proper temperature as defined by the USDA or cooled by USDA guidelines.
Will comp cooks seperate the Money Muscle and carmelize like chicken thighs or ribs?
I would like your thoughts..please

Tips for a new BBQ competitor

Hello Bill, I’m going to do a B.B.Q. contest in Winchester, TN. on April 18th
and 19th. I will be in the Backyard Division ($125 entry fee) I’ll be against
about 10 other teams. I haven’t done a contest in 2 years. Do you have any tips
for me?? We’re going to do PORK RIBS and CHICKEN! (ANY CHICKEN) I’ve never done ANY CHICKEN. I always had to do THIGHS!! I could win up to $800!!! Write me
back. Roger

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BBQ in Italy

dear bill will thank you for having responded to my e-mail. sorry … if I write bad English.
I do the chefs cook for several years and I’m experimenting with different types of cooking
I will be hard to find in Italian spices such as those that you work to prepare bbq. I wanted to know if I could get some suggestions on the sauce to use when cooking the pork ribs. makes the crust shiny and fragrant …. and some spices that you use for the hanging before baking ….. and if you should marinate the meat in white wine with juniper bay leaves orange peel, lemon with salt and brown sugar celery onions I do marinre the meat especially the game 48 hours what do you advise me to marinate the pork ribs and then cook .. spice and cook …. or before …. thanks for your attention sebastian Italian chef cook

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BBQ Friend:

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BBQ party

I just made your award winning bar b que sauce, it is very tasty indeed.  I am planning a retirement party for myself after 31 years in the Arlington Va fire department.  The guys at work loved the sauce.  I wanted them to try it first before I made it for the party.  I am planning a pork shoulder cooking using convection oven.  I was wondering what I need to do for the shoulders cooking them in a convection oven.  I was thinking of six to eight hours at 225 F.  Does this sound right. I wanted to try your rub and inject the shoulders.  Couldn’t find your recipe on the shoulders in your newsletters.
How can I preserve  the sauce, was hoping I could keep it.  Don’t know how long it will last? Can I freeze it until Jan 4, 2014
If you have any suggestions, I would appreciate them.