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My name is Rodney Davis Sr from Lubbock Texas. I recently purchased
you BBQ Secrets book and must say it has some great information. Also
your monthly newletters are a great addition. One thing I do not see
mentioned is in depth competition information on smokers. Specifically
the benefit of reverse flow wet smokers. I cook on a JR Enterprises
Reverse Flow wet smoker. I can tell you not only has thier smokers won
at local events they even have won Memphis In May among other major
competitiions. I Generally do not talk about the benefits of reverse
flow to other I know however for serious competitiors its worth a
look. Also as far a briskets I smoked well over 100 and had my share
of disappointments. If you ever get a chance your welcome to try my
receipe. I have tried on a Lang style smoker and My JR Reverse flow
and results in last 2 years have been amazing.

First off make sure you have a smoker you can put water below your
meat. Mine is easy as it has an inlet and drain just for this. This
method I feel helps keep the meat from drying out. If you do not have
a drain in main cook chamber and possible put some water in it. You
will have to bail it out later after smoking but well worth it.

I use a combination of OBIE Cues BBQ Bry Rub and add salt. No need to
inject you meat at all. Get a whole Brisket and trim down to where you
have between 1/4 to 3/8 fat left. Rub dry rub on your whole brisket.

Get your fire to about 225. I use Charcoal to start the fire with a
little Mesquite not too much as too much Mesquite will leave your
brisket tasting bitter. You can substitute Oak as well. Once the fires
rolling and you have it stable keep it going with a little mesquite or
oak. Now heres the kicker. Get some apple wood. Around here we buy it
the bag in about 12″ logs. A couple bags will be needed maybe 2 – 2
1/2 depending on brisket. Soak the apple wood a little at a time for
about an hour or so. I use the Apple wood for my primary smoke flavor.

Put your brisket on your rack fat side UP for 4 hours the flip for
remaining smoke time.

Every 30min to hour I perfer 1 hour intervals go and baste your
brisket. I usually go 1 hour of smoke time per pound. Sometime longer.
I usually get about 190degrees internal temp at that point
I use
2 cups Cider Vinegar
1 cup olive oil
2 Table Spoons Paprika
2 Table Spoons Salt
4 Table Spoons Black Pepper
If you want to Cut it add 2 Cups of Water

I would suggest moving your brisket to a foil wrap around 6 – 8 hours
Just make sure you open it up every hour drain the juices to a pan and
re baste and reseal the foil after basting. I have had pretty
consistant results with great brisket.

For a 12lbs brisket I usually am good to pull of in about 12 hours. I
let the brisket rest 30 min to 1 hour then I slice it. I them
depending on my mood will reintroduce those caught drippings from the
foil over the sliced brisket. Not too much just a littleThis has
yielded better than restraunt quality results.
If you ever get a chance try it. I believe injecting briskets is over
rated. A good Dry Rub makes for a great brisket with out any marinade.

Let me know if you every try it
Rodney Sr

2 thoughts on “Reverse flow wet BBQ smoker

  1. Thanks for the great info. I’ll post it on the blog. We started out on a
    Lang 60 several years ago and we used to fill the metal plate with water.
    Have since switched to pellet smokers for ease of use, but I can still add a
    water pan in the bottom of the smoker.


  2. One item I forgot in the basting receipe was Olive Oil
    1 Cup Olive Oil
    2 cups Cider Vinegar
    2 Table Spoons Paprika
    2 Table Spoons Salt
    4 Table Spoons Black Pepper
    If you want to Cut it add 2 Cups of Water

    One of my good friends turned me on to using water in a smoker for Briskets he actually used Beer. I can think of many more methods for disposing of beer and I never seen a benefit in any added flavor to the meats using beer.
    Many thanks to Bill for posting this for me Hope someone can get some use out of it and like it.

    Enjoy Guys and Gals

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