Smoked sausage


Just got your book online. Haven’t had the chance to read it all yet. Wondered if you’d ever written on barbecuing sausages. If not, I’d be interested to hear your thoughts (what types of sausage, how long, which woods, etc.).

I had barbecued sausage at a terrific BBQ place a few years ago that has since closed. Was thinking of trying it myself.


Too much smoke?

I have been smoking hogs for 7years now , using a converted 275 gal. oil tank. I been using charcoal and small pieces of apple wood. I have added a fire box to the side. What I would like to know, is there such a thing as to much smoke. Thanks. Mikes Hog Cookin Pork Pullin BBQ

BBQ Newsletter

re: Sept 09 BBQ Newsletter –

Congradulations!!! You guys are awesome! The video was great! There are some serious rigs out there aren’t they? Anyhow, I got a feeling when the Artillery arrives at the American Royale in Oct, you guys are going to be a force to be reckoned with.
I wished I could make it this year, however, I will have my brother Mike who lives outside of KC and goes every year drop by and say hello. He may want to pick your brains for some of your secrets. Be sure to let him taste some of your bbq so he can report back to me just how good it is. That’s an order! LOL!
Anyhow, I always look forward to your monthly newsletter filled with all kinds of neat ideas and gadgets for the quer. Best of luck in your next contest. I know you’ll do better than well.
Your friend,

BBQ Wood

Bill,If you have room in the next newsletter I would be most greatfull on info for the different woods and what kind of flavor it would give for various meats. I recently smoked a turkey with pecan and it was an amazing taste,It would be nice to make a basic chart for flavors.

Sampling BBQ at a contest

Hi Bill: I was born and raised in KC and attended the American Royal almost
every year. Recently I’ve heard that only the contestants were allowed to be
there when cooking was going on and no one could try samples of the Q from
the different pit masters. Is this really the case and if so, well, that sucks.

I live in Washington state and sure do miss the smells and tastes of good
barbecue. They have something here they call barbecue but it’s not really.
Nothing like down home Q.

Cordially, Ben

Brining a butt

Congratulations on another win. Good luck in the American Royal.

My sister in law sent me a recipe for pulled pork that called for brining it first. It used molasses for the sugar part. I had never thought about putting a pork butt in brine. Have you ever experimented with that?