Cooking brisket by time?

Hi Bill,

I’m enjoying your BBQ Competition Secrets ebook but was wondering awhile back you sent out a spreadsheet with rib cook times. Do you have that for brisket? I seem to be having a inconsistent product with my brisket.

I’m generally using a full brisket at about 13 – 15 lb’s and a temp. of 225 degrees for about 12 hours.


Barbecue thermometers


I am building a double barrel smoker out of two 55 gallon drums. I want an ACCURATE thermometer (not one that is 15 degrees off) to mount on the door. I ordered one from a place and when I checked it by putting the probe in boiling water, it was 27 degrees off!!

Do you sell a guaranteed ACCURATE thermometer that i can mount by drilling a hole in the door, and if so, what’s your pricing?


Marinating a brisket

Hi my name is Brian Taylor and my team name is Smoking Hot Grease Monkeys. I have your books, just would like to clarify on should I be brining or marinating my brisket. Or just rub it, my problem is it gets dry. I don’t know just don’t like it rub is good even tried different rubs different changed up temp woods times. I Guess my question is do you recommend to brine or marinate brisket? Thanks for any 411 you would give me Brian.

Members win Grand & 3rd in same contest!

Two members went head to head at the Boone’s Lick Trail BBQ Contest in Columbia, MO. Border War Smokers and 4 Smokin Butts…Border War Smokers took Grand with another 1st place chicken, 6th in ribs and 3rd in brisket.

4 Smokin Butts took 3rd overall with nice walks with 1st in ribs, 4th in pork, and 11th in brisket.

Way to rake in the money boys! These two teams are HOT!

Apple wood


Purchased your bbq-book years ago and it has been a great help!! Thank you.

Have a question on fruit wood please. I cut down some fully grown apple trees a few years ago and have an ample dried apple wood supply on hand. Currently I mix sticks or cut up chunks of this apple wood with hickory chips. Both soaked in water before use. And the bark has been removed from any apple wood.

I don’t think I am getting much of the apple flavor. I previously used purchased apple chips and liked the flavor.

My next plan is to try a small load of rib/chick in the smoker using only an apple wood fire/smoke base to see the results. Understanding I should only smoke for about 2 hours with just the wood as a base for smoking. After 2 hours, I will switch to a charcoal heat base to finish the meat.

Any other suggestions??

I just don’t seem to be getting the apple wood flavor after smoking.

Thanks much!

A very nice weekend for members…

These are some nice wins for members in just one little weekend. Members are racking up some serious cash in 2010…

3 First Place chicken categories in one weekend!… 4 Smokin Butts at the Clabber Girl Brickyard BBQ Fest Terre Haute, IN, Swing Dings at the Que and Cruz Louisa, VA, and Border War Smokers at the Wild Blue Barbeque Burlington, KS. Now that’s really cool!

Gooney Creek BBQ took 2nd in pork and 9th in brisket and 11th overall at the Que and Cruz BBQ contest in Louisa, VA.

Pack-A-Smokes took 2nd place ribs at the Carolina Foothills BBQ Cook-off in Gaffney, SC. Boat-n-BBQ had a nice walk with 6th in chicken. And Pickin Porkers was 4th overall with a nice 2nd place walk in pork.

Bossman Bar-B-Que was 11th overall with 6th in chicken and 6th in brisket at the Griller’s Cup in Laramie, WY.

Leonard with Cook’s Portable Smokehouse had a nice showing at the FBA’s Hot Ribs & Cool Blues BBQ Festival in Anniston, AL… 6th overall, 6th chicken, 5th ribs, 9th pork, and 7th brisket.

Scot Howard

Bill, it was nice to meet you and your family. Out of that many teams, you should be proud. Yours was by far the best brisket I tasted that day. Thanks for letting me enjoy it. I’ll see you in Kennesaw.
Thanks again,

Note from Bill… Scot has a nice website where he visits BBQ joints and rates them on his website. Click on the link above for a useful and fun website.