Beef Ribs Dinosaur Bones & Rub Sale!

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Our Championship Southwest Rub is on sale on Amazon now through the end of September. So now is the time to stock up for all those football parties! Go Dawgs!…

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Use this link to order… Southwest Rub

Now on to the September BBQ newsletter – how to buy and smoke
dinosaur bones beef ribs. Here’s the video link…

Bill Anderson
Chatham Artillery BBQ Team

2 thoughts on “Beef Ribs Dinosaur Bones & Rub Sale!

  1. Hey Bill,
    Greetings from Brooklyn….we have had a nice long summer/BBQ season so far, and so far so good….I finally reached the brisket’s magic melting point, and have been looking fwd smoking beef ribs….i was disappointed that they werent covered in your book, so was super happy to see the video… sure do smoke them hot and fast, but I can’t argue w/ the results you got on there…..

    Qu – do you also smoke brisket at 300 as well? I have been doing at 225 (sure does take alot longer time tho)-

    -And yes you are right – REALLY hard to find the whole rack of uncut beef ribs here, esp. in NYC; found in chinatown once, but were a frozen block…..and the organic places sometimes also have , but they charge an arm and a leg (and a rib lol)….

    Also, i have found that not wrapping them, they can dry out? I suppose that is a “hotly” debated topic…

    best regards,

  2. Jeremy:

    Competition brisket… 350 deg for 2.5 hours. Then I pan and foil and cook at 300 to internal temp of 195 then start checking for doneness. That’s the basics – see the hot & fast brisket video for all the details (rub, injection, au jus, burnt ends, trimming, buying, etc).

    Foiling… usually no foiling stage results in drier outside meat (i.e. more bark), but the inside meat is actually more moist because the juices are cooked out more in the foil.

    Bill Anderson

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