Cooking a 150lb whole hog

Hello Bill, I’m having a party at my house and cooking a hog . How long to cook a hog that size? And at what temp

I cut the legs off and the head and shove the hog in there. Would you inject? If so what flavors? I have a old Lang Patio 48
Thank you

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  1. Richard:

    That sound like a tight squeeze on a 48!

    Cooking a competition quality hog is a detailed process and I can’t tell you how to do it in an email. But…

    At 250 deg pit temp, I would count on about 15+ hours cook time. Just cook it till it’s done – about 195 deg in the shoulder.

    You can inject with this recipe if you want…

    12 c apple juice
    4 cups vinegar
    5 cups white sugar
    1 cup salt
    1/2 c hot sauce

    Apply rub to meat side. The pros start out with a foiled hog because too much smoke is a bad thing on a long cook like this. The foil can be removed easier in the latter part of the cook than it would be to try and foil a half way cooked hog.

    I would consider cooking it on it’s back so you catch the juices. You can apply a mop about every 2 hours or just mop with the cavity juices.

    The pros will also crack the ribs at the backbone and between the spares and loinbacks so it sort of lays flatter.

    Bill Anderson

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