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Hi bill so I am going to smoke a whole fresh ham tomorrow for xmas eve dinner it is 19lb.

Roughly how long do you think it should take to cook at 250 degrees indirect on my weber. Should I treat like a shoulder. will use my Dry rub recipe and use kingsford regular and hickory flavored charcoal. Let me know thought if you get a minute and have a Merry Christmas


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  1. Jeff:

    At 250, it’s gonna take a while. It does depend on a few things… 1st – you sure it’s a fresh never cooked ham and not one of these pre-cooked hams that you only have to re-heat?

    2nd – depends on how you want to slice it or pull it. Sliced – take to internal of 170-185 and pullable take it to 195-200 (could take 19-27 hours at 250).

    Bill Anderson

  2. It is a fresh whole ham for sure I read 160 should be the internal but I will defer to your experience if I cook it for 6 hours on the smoker at 250and 6 in the oven at 300 it has been smoking since 6 30 or should I raise the smoking temp to 275 hoping to eat it at 7 to. 8 tonight

  3. Jeff:

    It all just depends on how you like or want it… 160 is the very minimum internal temp I would say for slicing. 160 would sort of be like cooking a steak rare. If you like a little more cooked ham taste but still slicable, take it to about 175. If you want it more like a shoulder or Boston butt, take it all the way to 195-200 and just pull, chop, or shred it.

    What most pitmasters do is smoke it for so many hours to get the bark/smoke flavor they want. Then they wrap it or in your case, you could put it in the oven. At that point, you can cook it as fast as you like without much harm. Some people say it’s even better to cook it faster after they got the smoke color they want. If it starts to get too dark, tent it or wrap it with foil.

    So… basically, you’re cooking by looks the first part – you want that dark mahogany color (or whatever you prefer). Then just finish it off.

    After it is cooked, I would honey glaze it. Here’s my video…

    Bill Anderson

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