BBQ party

I just made your award winning bar b que sauce, it is very tasty indeed.  I am planning a retirement party for myself after 31 years in the Arlington Va fire department.  The guys at work loved the sauce.  I wanted them to try it first before I made it for the party.  I am planning a pork shoulder cooking using convection oven.  I was wondering what I need to do for the shoulders cooking them in a convection oven.  I was thinking of six to eight hours at 225 F.  Does this sound right. I wanted to try your rub and inject the shoulders.  Couldn’t find your recipe on the shoulders in your newsletters.
How can I preserve  the sauce, was hoping I could keep it.  Don’t know how long it will last? Can I freeze it until Jan 4, 2014
If you have any suggestions, I would appreciate them.

Turkey brine

Hi Bill,
I’m smoking 2 turkey breasts for Thanksgiving and I don’t really want to soak them in a brine, but rather inject them with a brine.
Do you have a simple recipe I can use?  The breasts are 3-4lbs each. How much brine should I inject them with, and after I season them, can I put them on the smoker?
Thanks Bill, and I wish you and your family a very Happy Thanksgiving.

Smoked boneless rib roast

BBQ Friend:smoke boneless rib roast

In this month’s newsletter, I give you some simple and easy instructions for smoking a delicious boneless beef rib roast that you would be proud of placing in the center of your table on any major Holiday.

Our signature Chatham Artillery BBQ Southwest rub is back in stock! I also sent 100 shakers to Amazon (fulfillment by Amazon) for you Amazon Primers. That should be available next week sometime. Right now, there’s inventory available in our BBQ store at and inventory available through Amazon fulfilled by merchant (me).

And… the Sam’s Club National BBQ Tour Finals video is up on this newsletter page too.

Here’s the newsletter…

Bill Anderson
Competition BBQ Secrets

BBQ rub on popcorn

Bill:bbq rub

Just made some fantastic BBQ popcorn using your southwest rub.

Poped 1/3 cup popcorn kernels int the microwave; and then melted 2 TBS of butter .  Poured half of the popped corn in a serving bowl, next poured half of the melted butter over popcorn, sprinkled southwest rub over, then the balance of the popcorn, the remaining butter and finally more southwest to taste.

This was some really great tasting popcorn!  Try it!!

Regards Donald

How weather affects BBQ…

BBQ Friend:

I found out the hard way how sometimes weather can have an effect on how your BBQ turns out. Convection fans in smokers can have a dramatic affect too. In general, you want to have a moist cooking environment in your smoker. It was dry as a bone in Vegas…

Also… $5.00 flat rate shipping thru the Holidays. And a video of the World Food Championships held at the Fremont Street Experience in Las Vegas.

Bill Anderson
Competition BBQ Secrets

Radio Interview

Dear BBQ Friend:radio-interview-bill-anderson

I recently met a guy in Tennessee, Tony Rollo, who does an American radio show called American Age Radio. He loves BBQ and what’s more American than BBQ? We did a 30 minute show together and it’s ready for you to listen to. Here’s the link…

I’m in Las Vegas this week competing at the World Food Championships trying to stay out of trouble. Those dice are callin’ my name! Wish me luck!

Bill Anderson
Chatham Artillery BBQ Team

Here’s what just one listener said…

“Bill, that was OUTSTANDING! .All I needed was a Brisket sandwich and a big red soda. It just don’t get any better…
Thanks for including me!”

1st place reverse sear steak

Hi Bill,
     Just got back from an IBCA comp in Carrollton TX. Used your SW rub on chicken and brisket but no place in either today. Chicken was overcooked and I tried some new techniques on the brisket which didn’t work out. I did get 2nd out of 51 in ribs.
The main thing I wanted to tell you is that there was a steak cook-off the night prior to turn-ins. They gave us 16oz bone in ribeyes. There were 27 entries and I won first place.  I used the Finney method that I learned about from your newsletters. I did a practice run at home earlier this week and I agree with you that it turns out fabulous.
One judge told me that I was 30 points ahead of second and it wasn’t even
Thanks for the newsletters. Not sure if you get any feedback on them but I appreciate them. I will be ordering some more rub from you in a month or 2.
Tim Esh
Allen, TX