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Now on to the September BBQ newsletter – how to buy and smoke
dinosaur bones beef ribs. Here’s the video link…

Bill Anderson
Chatham Artillery BBQ Team

Beef ribs

Bill,  I have a no desire to really enter a competition, but I do have a desire to be known in the family and the neighborhood as “The Best Damn BBQ Pit Boss Ever!!” Last week, thanks to you, I was. I had to cook for 25 people, some of who, had had my BBQ before. The only difference was I bought your book and also the offer of the 12 books for $29. I have never been praised and revered more in my life. I did brisket, sausage, and ribs following everyone of your instructions. Next day, even Face book exploded with rants about my dinner. To me, that was better than a trophy. Now all I get is “When is Pappy going to BBQ again. Even got me a new Smoke Hollow grill. My Question was: Here in Texas we eat a lot more beef ribs than pork. Your recipe in the book was for pork ribs. I just followed you same guidelines and cooked the beef that way, they were great. Just wondering if you have another book or tips for doing beef ribs?
p.s. Tip on injecting Au’s jugs into the brisket, was the kicker!! That was the best brisket ever.

How to smoke beef ribs

Jeremy here in Brooklyn, NY. I just finished reading your book. The book was great; however, I purchased it specifically to learn how to smoke beef ribs, and this is not part of the book (!). I don’t eat pork, so the pork part is kind of lost on me. Is there any chance that you could email me a recipe for them, or let me know how to modify one of the other recipes, to smoke beef ribs? I would much prefer that to getting a refund; my smoked bbq beef ribs have come out tough and dried out, and I really do need your help!!
Thank you so much,
from the backyard smoker,