Gas smoker for condo patio

Hello Bill I hope all is going well for you and your family.gas smoker

I cannot tell you how much I enjoy receiving your news letter and tips, you did a great job on the latest video. I also appreciate the time you send helping us backyard BBQ newbies.

I live in a condo with a small covered patio and have a FireMagic 36″ Monarch gas grill. It has a small chip tray for smoking meats but honestly it doesn’t work at all, hardly and smoke flavor. I purchased a large chip box and use that over the left burner to create an offset smoker, the burner alone on lowest heat generates 270F and the same thing, it just isn’t giving me the true smoke results I’d been hoping for.

I’m now thinking about purchasing a small dedicated smoker but it has to be portable where I can store it in my utility closet when not being used. I don’t mind an electric or gas smoker but we’re not allowed to use charcoal grills, our condo’s are stacked units and here in California we’re always concerned about fires.

What can you recommend I look at for a dedicated smoker?

I also what to mention that the Competition BBQ book, rub and sauce recipe are fantastic. I’ve played a little with the rub adding a tablespoon of dry orange peel, a little more salt, ground black pepper and red pepper. Everyone who comes over for ribs goes crazy… the rub give a fantastic bark.

I look forward to hearing from you and your smoker recommendations.

Thanks, Dave

Electric smoker

Good Morning Bill:
I”m kinda a beginner but have been smoking the same way for years. I would like some help taking my smoking up a notch or three. I have two different types of smokers I use. My older pit has the smoke box on the end like most everyone has. I have problems keeping a steady heat for 6 to 8 hours so I bought an electric Master Built Smoker and I get good meat not GREAT meat.Do you have any helpful ideas. Should I be adjusting what I put in the water pan such as maybe beer, onion, garlic, etc. Hope you have walked these miles for me and I can save myself time and a lot of money experimenting.
Thanks for any help you can send my way. I want to really WOW my friend and family.
Round Rock Texas