How to cook a brisket


Thanks for sharing your BBQ experience & expertise with rookies like me. I purchased a Klose pit last year that is perfect for backyard smoking (36 inch smoking chamber with off-set firebox). While I have tried on multiple occasions to smoke a quality brisket, I continue to come up short. Here are a few things that I find myself struggling with….

· How much wood to use during the smoke?
· What’s the best way to maintain internal chamber temperature? (Charcoal, wood, how often do you have to reload?)
· Is there a rule of thumb for how long to smoke? 1 hour per pound?
· How do you know when the brisket is done? Ideal internal temperature?

I have read your October 2008 article on Smoked Brisket Test Runs…I found it to be very interesting and helpful.
Any guidance or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Keep up the good work,