Fresh Ham

Hi bill so I am going to smoke a whole fresh ham tomorrow for xmas eve dinner it is 19lb.

Roughly how long do you think it should take to cook at 250 degrees indirect on my weber. Should I treat like a shoulder. will use my Dry rub recipe and use kingsford regular and hickory flavored charcoal. Let me know thought if you get a minute and have a Merry Christmas


Smoked fresh ham…


I am a whole hog over live hickory coals man and have the time down for a 200 lb hog(24 h)….I, however, am going to step outside my comfort zone and try my hand with a 22 lb ham on my concrete block pit which I cover with refrigerator cartons when barbecuing the whole hogs. I do have a
Thermoworks thermapen but no way for ambient temp….but I would like to know what you think an approximate time would be the ham. I do not want to keep rasing the cardboard checking internal temp all the while losing heat because of my lack of experience and confidence.