Tough BBQ ribs

Hello Bill
Thanks for responding….
My wife is from the country side of NY, and I am a city Born. I was looking at Amazon, just for Curiosity under Smoke Grills. To be honest with you, i am totally LOST. I am determined to Buy ONE Smoke Grill, but dont know which one, and i do not want to buy one that is going to give me problems either. I also saw something called Chimney starter.
I have no experience in all of this, but can you help me or give me some tips of what to buy. THE ONLY reason i want to buy this smoke grill is to try something different in BBq Ribs.
My problem in BBq ribs is that my meat turns hard. I dont know what i am doing wrong. I want my meat to come right off the bone.
I would appreciate if you get back to me.
Thank you again

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  1. Ed:

    It really depends on how much money you want to spend and how much work you want to do. Stick burners and charcoal smokers require almost constant attention. Gas, electric, and pellet smokers are easier to use. It all depends on your wants and needs. Try looking at the Sept 2007 newsletter at

    Get my book to learn how to smoke tender ribs. There’s also some info here on ribs…


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