Barbecue ribs


Let me see if I got it!

3 hours of smoke before wrapping in foil (
1 hour in foil (brown sugar, honey, squeeze margarine)
1 hour of glaze (ole ray’s apple/cinnamon sauce with honey)


One thought on “Barbecue ribs

  1. Terrance:

    Yes… that’s about right. But remember, this is for a pit temp of about
    230-240 deg (at the grate). And that foiling step is “adjustable” – if they
    don’t look like they are getting done after 1 hour, feel free to go another
    30 minutes to 1 hour in the foil. Some spareribs are bigger than others. You especially need to go longer if you use full racks of spareribs. Of course, baby backs cook faster.


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