Traeger pellet smoker

Congratulations on your recent win! I noticed you use Traeger smoker/grills. I have had one for 1 1/2 yrs and really enjoy it. And I have an early version of your book. Just wanted to check – what temp do you cook you ribs at on the Traeger? I assume you use the smoke setting at least for awhile. After some practice, I have had good luck with ribs and chicken as well. I find it is hard to screw up too badly with food on the Traeger and it is so easy too use. But I have found that you need a replacement glow plug handy – they tend to fail.

Thanks and good luck on future events!


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  1. Harlan:

    We just follow the temperatures stated in the book. We do not use the smoke setting as it is a lower temperature. I have never messed with it, but I think there is a smoke temperature setting dial on the circuit board of the controller. The smoke setting does not always have to be low. Another thing we do is turn the temperature down low whenever we open the lid. Otherwise the Traeger tends to dump pellets in an attempt to get the heat back up. But it usually overshoots and you end up with a very hot smoker. We burnt some ribs up that way in Albany – took Grand anyway!


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