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I already own your book.

I have a question and would like your advice. I own a Southern Pride grill on a dual axel trailer. We had a balloon fest in the small town I live in last week end. I cook a lot on this grill for friends and family and they line up for my ribs. However we had a small cook off at the balloon fest with a total of three guys cooking. One had a nice pitts&spitts grill the other a home made job. Make a long story short they thumped me. the one with the Pitts&spitts won he had been in several compititions to my none. He used a mustard based sauce on his ribs. used it for a sticky during meat prep. and towards the end. He liked my ribs and told several people that mine were resturant quality. My belief has always been to serve BBQ sauce on the side. My ribs are tender but they whipped me on the sauce flavor. The guy with the home made grill basicly boiled his ribs but slapped a wild tasting sauce on them.

I’m in dire need of a good sauce receipe. The mustard based went over well. I do not like losing especially in my own town….

Thanks for your help
Lee W.

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  1. Lee:

    Well… you’ll be a lot better off if you just follow the directions in the book. We apply a glaze for the last hour. The recipe is in the book. You’ll never win in ribs with sauce on the side. If you had just put your sauce on the ribs, you probably would have won. Remember, in competitions, you are not cooking for yourself, you are cooking for the judges. Even in a sanctioned event, the judging is not always fair. As a matter of fact, it is often unfair. Right now in KCBS and FBA events – the sweeter the rib, the better!


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