Smoking a whole chicken

I purchased your book yesterday and will try the techniques out soon. I do have one question. I compete here in Texas and the chicken turn in is in halves. I read where you turn in thighs. Not allowed here. I was using the beer can method before, cooking the chicked whole. How should I place the chicken on the grill? Whole or in halves? And what about turning it during cooking? Thanks

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  1. Scott:

    There’s many ways to smoke a whole chicken and it’s up to you which way you pick… whole, beer can whole, cut in half, splatchcocked, etc. The only advice I can give you is cook it using a method that will give you a nice presentation. Truss it up nice – don’t let the wings and legs flap around Don’t turn it unnecessarily or you may end up with unsightly grill marks. Last time I cooked in a ICBA contest, I cut the chicken in half first and then cooked it cut side down with no turning following the directions in the book. This way, I didn’t have to cut anything after cooking which would have resulted in cut marks, fingerprints, etc. All I had to do after glazing was set it in the box.


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