Sampling BBQ at a contest

Hi Bill: I was born and raised in KC and attended the American Royal almost
every year. Recently I’ve heard that only the contestants were allowed to be
there when cooking was going on and no one could try samples of the Q from
the different pit masters. Is this really the case and if so, well, that sucks.

I live in Washington state and sure do miss the smells and tastes of good
barbecue. They have something here they call barbecue but it’s not really.
Nothing like down home Q.

Cordially, Ben

One thought on “Sampling BBQ at a contest

  1. Ben:

    Don’t know about visitors at the Royal for sure, but they are almost always allowed to walk around in the competition area. As for sampling… that usually is not allowed due to health regulations. Just the vendors can sell food. A contestant only cooks enough meat for the contest – not to feed the public. If you are lucky, they may throw you a bone or two!


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