Competition BBQ Secrets

hey there,
i’d love to order this but just a quick question…
we’re not likely going to be doing competition smoking, although, hello! i definitely want to make that quality and will definitely enjoy learning from and trying the recipes. thing is, i want to make sure i’m going to be able to apply all these recipes to our small (50 lb meat recommended max) vertical smoker. we’re pretty crafty and cooking savvy so i kind of don’t doubt i’ll be able to apply the recipes to our smoker but can you provide some insurance that we’ll be able to use the majority of this info and/or recipes?

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  1. Kris:

    Sure! The techniques in the book are for use on any type of smoker in competitions or in the backyard. Some competitors even use small vertical smokers in competitions and do very well. It’s not what you smoke on it’s how you do it.


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