BBQ Pitmasters judging

Bill ,Thanks for the info.and I want to congratulate you on your past winnings.
Wed. night I watched the Pit Masters on TV,I have never seen as much crap as was displayed.God help us if the judging is ever like that in Texas.I guess most of it was theatrical ,You didn’t know what they were judging sauce shrimp,BBQ ,garnish or what.??
First of all the judges should not talk to each other.Second it should be double blind judging.where the judge did not know the cook.Is this like it is in GA the judge knows the cook ,thats like a marked tray.
Anyway what I have seen on TV the judging is a joke.
I still want to see if you guys can cook a whole chicken.and see how dry you get the breast before you get the dark meat done.
Right now I think I am 16th in the state point wise.and I haven’t cooked but once in over two months.Will start back this month at the state sanctioned cookoff at Comanchee.we’ll see what happens there.
Bill thanks and good luck to you.Zanna

One thought on “BBQ Pitmasters judging

  1. Zanna:

    We mainly cook FBA and KCBS events here in Georgia. It is blind box judging, but if a judge has a friend and he knows what that friend’s box looks like, well……

    It’s been my experience watching other sports, that if cheating can occur, it usually does. Are BBQ people more honest?

    Actually… the judging on TV may be better than what we get at contests because one team may be judged by one set of judges and another team judged by a whole another set. There’s where the problems come in.


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