Vinegar on brisket?

Hi Bill, I saw you on tv over the weekend. I have questions, as you might know I have your book. The last time I tried to follow your brisket cooking method at a contest I got a card back from one judge, that said it tasted of vinegar. I know that in your part of the country that vinegar base sauces are king but not here. I am thinking of buying your video series but I am also wondering if I can make it work in this part of the country. In your news letter looks like a lot of people are doing well with it , but I also notice they all seem to be competing in the south not in say Kansas city style country. Help

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  1. Randy:

    Don’t know where you got the vinegar on the brisket from! None of my recipes for brisket injection use vinegar and my sauce is a sweet sauce which is mostly tomato based. The sweet sauce I am using now and shown in the videos is very sweet and would do well in KS. The brisket mainly uses an au jus and no sauce. We use a Southwest rub available at on everything. We usually do well in brisket with 1 first place in Dillard, GA this year. I highly suggest the videos at – they may seem expensive at first, but after one good walk, you’ll realize you actually saved some money by watching them.


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