20 year cook learns BBQ

I am very pleased with your e-book already I have been a cook for 20 some years most of my experience was at the grill cooking and plating, mostly small places home town kind of places. Most of this never got into any type of bbq this is so cool. I want to pull my smoker around my home town area and just sell Great BBQ and make some money I work in a motel now for min wage so I figured if I was doing this I would have to make my weekly wage around 300.00 plus enough to get me through the winter months as well. This book has already shown me that I did not know shit about smoking meat to sell for BBQ. So I would like to say thank you very much this is a great book….. Paul from ILLINOIS

Other notable awards in February…

The Ross Team was 8th overall at the 2011 Pigfest BBQ Cookoff in Tallahassee, FL. They had nice walks with 4th in chicken and 1st in ribs.

Git-R-Smoked took 3rd overall at the Smoke on the Water BBQ in Winter Haven, FL with a nice with 1st place chicken

Hold Em & Hit Em – Houston, Texas – John Brian of Southern Comfort got to the final table in 3 categories and took 15th in Chicken, 11th in Brisket, and 7th in Ribs. Not too bad considering there were 134 teams at this prestigious contest!

Buster Davis of the Smokin AJ’s BBQ Team took 1st in pork with a perfect score and 4th overall at the Pigs and Wings GBA contest in Perry, GA.

Thanks for the videos!…

I purchased a Lang 84 Delux in Oct. last year. I watched part of thr fire control video that was linked from Lang’s website. I saw the price for the barbecue coach.com subscription
and descided that it was too expensive. I had no real experience with cooking BBQ. I knew that there were competitions, but had no idea what was involved. I did a lot of reading and research, cooked for a couple of large groups with great reviews, and descided I wanted to compete. Paid my entry into Bradford Fest Boots N BBQ cook. (entry paid in late January)

It was about this time that I knew that I was in over my head. I knew Continue reading

Southern Comfort does well at Hold Em & Hit Em – Houston, Texas

I’m pretty fired up here. We just got home (and unloaded) from the largest cook off I have participated in so far ( I think it was my 7th and before you say anything I know I should be keeping a log, we plan to do that for this year) with 134 teams participating. It was a great time and the weather even cooperated by not bring too much rain on Saturday but a steady rain on Sunday.
When the results were announced I was a little disappointed with our results but my wife (after saying I was crazy) said we did really well considering the number of contestants and considering we are still learning. So I have changed my mind and am very happy with our results. We made it to the final table in all three categories (Chicken, Pork Spare Ribs & Brisket). We were 15th in Chicken, 11th in Brisket (1 out of the money) and 7th in Ribs. We got to walk for the ribs and got a nice trophy as well.