Big Green Egg

Hi Bill,

Your bbq sauce sounds delicious and I can’t wait to give it a try.  Pasilla readily available out here in San Diego.  Anyhow, I am a father and I plan on doing a smoked pork rib and I’ll have your sauce made in advance.  I enjoy your video’s of all the smoker’s and rv’s.  Makes me wish I were there enjoying the festivities. Enjoy your father’s day and keep on smoking.  Before I forget, I noticed the Green Egg had their large display of smokers.  My brother in law bought one several years ago and smoked a turkey on it for Thanksgiving.  It turned out good.  How do you feel about the green egg performance?  Does your team use one?  I’d like to get your feedback.  And the the swimming pool was funny but very cool.  Take care Bill.

Sincerely, Dan

One thought on “Big Green Egg

  1. Dan:

    Ceramic cookers like the BGE and Primos are good because the are very well insulated. This means long burns, consistent temps with little work which produces great BBQ. I don’t use them – I use a pellet smoker by Cookshack. Drawbacks of the BGE are it is heavy and it will break easily and small cooking area.


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