Smoked ribs & turkey

Mr. Bill
Last few times I have cooked pork ribs I have smoked them with indirect heat for about an hour.  I then wrap in toil foil and continue to cook indirect for another 90 minutes or some keeping temp at about 225-250,
This brought me to the smoking turkey idea. Would it work if I smoked turkey indirectly for about an hour and then wrap in tin foil, about same temp?  how long do you suggest I cook in tin foil.

7 thoughts on “Smoked ribs & turkey

  1. Derwood:

    No offense, but those ribs were probably a little tough and stuck to the bone – they couldn’t have gotten done in that short amount of time at that temp.

    I cook spareribs using the 3-1-1 method – smoke for 3 hours, foil for 1 hour, and then glaze your sauce on for 1 hour out of foil.

    No need to foil a turkey…


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