Buying a new smoker

Hey Bill,

Im looking at getting a smoker for catering and using on a food trailer. I only have 2 in mind. One is a Cookshack and the other is a Ole Hickory CTO. I know both have been used on the comp circuit. Cookshack is electric and CTO is gas assist. Being a user of Cookshack FEC 100, sell me on why I should purchase the cookshack. Of course that means I will have to install a generator on the trailer, but I want the best smoker money can buy for my business. Fyi starting out I will only be doing my trailer or catering 1 to 2 days a month.
Thanks James

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  1. James:

    I think it may boil down to price and whether you want to buy gas all the time or pellets.

    The FEC-100 is about half the price of the CTO.

    Both will need electricity. I know if you disconnect the starter heating element on the FEC-100 and start the fire manually, it will use a lot less electricity. After it is started, it requires very little electricity. A genset may be overkill. A good inverter and deep cycle 12v battery or two may do.

    Other than that, they are both good smokers and will get the job done well. You may also want to look at the FEC-120 for a little more money – it has more space and the firepot is not inside the cooking chamber which pretty much eliminates the possibility of grease fires. Grease fires are not a problem on the FEC-100 if you use it properly, but definitely a possibility.

    Bill Anderson

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