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Bill – I wanted to say how much I have enjoyed studying your Competition BBQ Secrets Book over the past couple of years and I am competing in my first KCBS State Championship this month – I also have the Lang Model 60 Deluxe that I have been using for the past 5 or 6 years – I competed in one local cookoff and won 1st Place so now I am wanting to be more involved in KCBS events to see how I stack up and learn more from actual KCBS competitors – Unfortunately Louisiana only has a couple of events per year but I am very optimistic about this event and hope to at least get a few calls –   Thanks again for a great book and I was very pleased to see our cooking styles were almost spot on – I made very few changes to my way compared to what was written in the book but learned a lot from reading literally hundreds of times –   Brad

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I`ve bouthgt it, and read it over and over again…… and believe me, I use it…. just haven`t done any competitions….. I only wish I could afford the videos….. Hopefully I`ll try an amatuer competition here in Ottawa next year…. I almost went this year, but found out late, and was for a team of 2 and didnt have a partner…. next year I`d have a “silent“ one just for the sake of argument….   The link to the competition just recently…..   Allan

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Hi Bill:Competition BBQ Secrets

I received your book which I now will call my “bible for BBQ!”. There are so many great techniques in your book that will help me produce award winning BBQ…I should have ordered it sooner. I love your recipe for the chicken finishing sauce…tried it already. My daughter went crazy over it! My chicken came out juicy on the inside, great skin on the outside and a presentation color that was unbelievable. I used thighs as you suggested in your book. It worked!!


Barbecue book

Hey Bill,

I recieved my copy of -Competition BBQ Secrets- in the mail today.
What a great book! I’ve already learned so much more useful information that I can hardly wait to fire-up my cooker.

I’m looking forward to the monthly newletters & updates.

Thanks again for a GREAT BOOK !

I know my BBQ experience & results will be so much better because of it.

-Keep it Smokeing-


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Finished the book this morning. Brilliant! Finally someone has told me how to do it. If there wasn’t 6” of snow on the ground I’d be doing it tonight.

I think I can do the ribs and the chicken on the ol’ Weber however butts, shoulders and briskets might be a bit ambitious for Old Faithful. Can you recommend a reasonably priced back yard smoker for a guy who is never going to serve more than 8 people?


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Yes, I recently purchased your BBQ book on-line and it has been the best
investment since I purchased my Chargrillin smoker. The secrets of temp and
time came in very handy for Mother’s day. I cooked up 3 whole chickens a 8
pound roast and a 8 pound boston butt. Everything came out perfect and
everyone in the family raved about the food. This past weekend I cooked 5
slabs of baby back ribs, and there were no leftovers. The ribs fell of the
bones, were moist and tender and cooked to perfection.

Thank you for your wonderful book. It is worth every penny and then some.
Send me any updates or whatever you want. I am one happy customer.


Barbecue book

Dear Bill,

Last year I purchased you fine information of the internet, it works fantasitc. You dead on with everything..
I do have one problem, one great evening and I mean great. Once of my buddies spilt his beer on my labtop that had your data in there..
Now its all gone… shit… do I have to buy a new one? I still get your chatham artillery BBQ lettter every month…. Thank for that…..

Thanks for your help,

Ever in the wine country north of San Francisco, there is a BBQ just waiting to happen for you..