New book – Competition BBQ Secrets 300 Degrees Hot & Fast…

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It’s finally here! The new book… Competition BBQ Secrets 300 Degrees Hot & Fast. The first 10 reviewers could not believe I put so much useful information in one little book. To read all about it along with their word for word testimonials, visit the link below.

And… you can save $10 by purchasing before Monday Feb 1st. On Monday morning, the price goes up to $29.95 for everybody. Get yours today!…

Bill Anderson
Chatham Artillery BBQ Team

Wiley’s Championship BBQ new book review…

BBQ Friend:
wiley's championship bbq book
First off, I hope everyone has a great July 4th BBQ weekend!

My friend Wiley McCrary has been busy lately writing all his secrets down in a new BBQ book – Secrets That Old Men Take To Their Graves.

Wiley was one of the old school pitmasters who paved the way for our modern BBQ competition scene. Trust me, you’ll want to get a copy of his new BBQ cookbook. It’s one of those “must have” books that should be on every aspiring pitmaster’s shelf. Here’s the review…

Bill Anderson
Chatham Artillery BBQ Team
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Great BBQ book…

“We ain’t gonna waste your time with grilling….. hahahahhahhahahha   This is my kinda book……..

i need to learn some things from you and how to master  regulating the temp……..
i already like this book and im still on page 5…….. thanks  I will let you know how my q  comes out……..  michael

Fantastic BBQ Book

Hi, I just wanted to tell you what a great book this is. I have been trying for years to make pulled pork and ribs as good as what I made today. The food literally melted in your mouth and the taste was like nothing i have had at any restaurant. I got your book on Thursday in the mail and decided that today was going to be a new beginning in my attempt to master BBQ. I followed your instructions word for word and all I can say is WOW! My family was so impressed with my ribs and pork that they thought I may have went and bought it at one of our local BBQ stands. Thank you so very much for making me feel like a true Pit Master ( at least in Shillington, PA. Awesome book, thanks again Matt

Another satisfied customer…

Mr Anderson,
I am calling you “Mr” because I have respect for you in writing the Competition BBQ Secrets Book, I purchased it last week and I have already used it in smoking four pork butts and they turned out great.
I have owned a Big Green Egg for less than 30 days and I did not want any disappointments so I purchased your book.
Thank you again

Barbecue book…

Bill – I wanted to say how much I have enjoyed studying your Competition BBQ Secrets Book over the past couple of years and I am competing in my first KCBS State Championship this month – I also have the Lang Model 60 Deluxe that I have been using for the past 5 or 6 years – I competed in one local cookoff and won 1st Place so now I am wanting to be more involved in KCBS events to see how I stack up and learn more from actual KCBS competitors – Unfortunately Louisiana only has a couple of events per year but I am very optimistic about this event and hope to at least get a few calls –   Thanks again for a great book and I was very pleased to see our cooking styles were almost spot on – I made very few changes to my way compared to what was written in the book but learned a lot from reading literally hundreds of times –   Brad

BBQ chicken in book

Hi Bill,

Had a couple of questions about your BBQ book and the chicken process. Your book mentions to flatten out the skin so you can wrap it around the thigh during cooking.  How do you flatten it out?  I’ve been experimenting a bit and I tried some thighs where I completely removed the skin, scraped all the fat off and cooked at ~ 275F like your guide says.  I still didn’t get bite-through skin and it seemed to cook too hot as the skin turned dark.  it didn’t really burn, but got really dark (I was cooking on a UDS).  I typically use a butter bath for comp chicken but tend to not get good smokey flavor as one does when cooking straight on the grate.  Any recommendation here would be appreciated.
In all your experiences with BBQ comps and judging, have you ever used cornish hens?  Or, have you seen other teams turn in hens for a comp?
I thank you in advance for any help you can offer.

BBQ book success

I`ve bouthgt it, and read it over and over again…… and believe me, I use it…. just haven`t done any competitions….. I only wish I could afford the videos….. Hopefully I`ll try an amatuer competition here in Ottawa next year…. I almost went this year, but found out late, and was for a team of 2 and didnt have a partner…. next year I`d have a “silent“ one just for the sake of argument….   The link to the competition just recently…..   Allan