3rd place ribs

I had to say thanks Bill because I bought your book a couple of months ago and it WORKED!! I borrowed a friend’s smoker, got to test cook on it once before our competition and then the following weekend we threw our hat into the rib category with not a prayer in the world and got 3rd out of 24 teams. There were a few fuming that this chick who had never cooked ribs before placed third and I could not even believe it 🙂

I am addicted now – thanks for all the great tips. We beginners really do appreciate it!!!!

Happy BBQing,

5th place in ribs

Hello Bill:

I purchased your book about a year ago but forgot to sign up for the newsletter my mistake. I have about 20 bbq books in my collection and would like to add 20 more but my wife would kill me. I built my own smoker from a large propane tank and I own two Weber bullets. I tried your recipes on ribs and took 5th in a state championship, you talk I listen. I also tried the brisket recipe and really enjoyed it. I have books and cd’s from big name cooks, but your book really comes down on the level that beginners can understand and that leads to my next question. In October I will be going to a bbq contest within my company and I will be going up against some great bbq cooks and could use some help. I saw and printed but lost, an article were you spiced up the marinade for a contest and it sounded very good. If you remember drop me a line or any other ideas without giving out your secrets. Thanks for a great book and newsletters.                                                                                                                                                                                                 Bill.