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Hello Bill,

I am getting ready  to enter my first BBQ contest and already have your eBook that I purchased a few years ago.  Was curious as to if you think the videos add anything that isn’t already in your book.  I also plan on ordering your rub to try.  Appreciate any advice that you can offer for a novice.


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Today I did a chicken and rib cook and it was the best cook I have ever done. I figured out from your previous post that my fire was running very “dirty” (way too much bad smoke). I figured out how to clean up my fire and everything fell into place. The ribs were a beautiful dark mahogany red and the chicken was done just right. And the flavor was awesome. For the very first time, I would feel comfortable turning in this product. I have learned that making good competition bbq is a lot tougher than it looks. There are a lot of variables that can mess things up. I did learn also that timing and temperature can really be fickle. I was trying to cook in very cold weather and it is just harder to maintain temps, so I had trouble keeping the temps up. Because of this I had to add time to my cook and really check for doneness by tenderness and feel. It was a good learning experience but it does bring up a question. How early can you get your product done and still turn in good samples to the judges? If anything goes wrong in a cook and you are timed right to the very last moment the product could be poor. Your thoughts?


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Hello :

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Bill Anderson
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BBQ Newsletters and videos

Bill, I just want you to know that I watch and read everything that you send me and really do enjoy it.

I look forward to your newsletters and e-mails every time I get one.Your e-mails and videos are the ones I actually pay attention to and do watch. I’m not a paying member but I do use the recipes. I have a Traeger smoker and it works just fine for me. I live just outside of Phoenix, AZ. Just wanted to drop you a note to let you know that I appreciate everything that you do for the BBQ Community.

BBQ videos wins for us!

Howdy Bill,

I bought your bbq coach lifetime full access video series, these are the results:
Jo-Bawb’s BBQ won a 7th in ribs, 7th in brisket, 9th in chicken with a 9th overall at the Pepsi Wyoming State BBQ with 31 teams including QUAQ.
4th in ribs at the Colorado State BBQ Championship at Craig with 33 teams coming in over Smokin’ Triggers in ribs.
1st place with a perfect score of 180 in chicken and 6th in brisket and 6th overall with 49 teams competing at the Colorado Pork and Hops Challenge and coming in over QUAU and Smokin’ Triggers.

Jo-Bawb’s BBQ is doing very good for a Wyoming BBQ team and thanks for your coaching, we have won $1200 so far this year (2010) with one more contest to go.

Thanks again
Lon Mitchell
Jo-Bawb’s BBQ

BBQ Videos?

My name is Bruce McClellan and approximately 4 years ago I ordered your Competition BBQ Secrets book and it has become my holy grail for making awesome BBQ for my family and friends. My wife and I now have enough confidence in our abilities thanks to you that in the spring we plan to compete in our first BBQ competition. My question for you is has your books content changed any since I bought my book if so please let me know so that I can determine if I need to order a new book. Sincerely yours. Bruce

BBQ videos question

Hey Bill, I purchased your book and have learned a lot from it, but like a lot of people I stay so busy just cant study the whole thing. So I thought this might be for me. The question is when I sign up are the videos you have completed released to me once a month and can I go back say 4 months into this and re watch the older ones  as many times as I want or is it only viewable for a month?