Tough BBQ ribs

Hello Bill
Thanks for responding….
My wife is from the country side of NY, and I am a city Born. I was looking at Amazon, just for Curiosity under Smoke Grills. To be honest with you, i am totally LOST. I am determined to Buy ONE Smoke Grill, but dont know which one, and i do not want to buy one that is going to give me problems either. I also saw something called Chimney starter.
I have no experience in all of this, but can you help me or give me some tips of what to buy. THE ONLY reason i want to buy this smoke grill is to try something different in BBq Ribs.
My problem in BBq ribs is that my meat turns hard. I dont know what i am doing wrong. I want my meat to come right off the bone.
I would appreciate if you get back to me.
Thank you again