Smoked ribs & turkey

Mr. Bill
Last few times I have cooked pork ribs I have smoked them with indirect heat for about an hour.  I then wrap in toil foil and continue to cook indirect for another 90 minutes or some keeping temp at about 225-250,
This brought me to the smoking turkey idea. Would it work if I smoked turkey indirectly for about an hour and then wrap in tin foil, about same temp?  how long do you suggest I cook in tin foil.

Perfect BBQ ribs…

Bill: I was thinking you gave a tip in one of your newsletters about smoking the perfect ribs… something like 3 hours at 250, brush with bbq sauce, then 2 more hours and that was it (I don’t know if I have the hours or the temp right, but it was something like that). I tried it, had great ribs, but didn’t write it down and I’m doing ribs on my Traeger this weekend. Help!Can you refresh my memory? or was this not your tip? Thanks for including me in your newsletter.