Turkey brine

Hi Bill,
I’m smoking 2 turkey breasts for Thanksgiving and I don’t really want to soak them in a brine, but rather inject them with a brine.
Do you have a simple recipe I can use?  The breasts are 3-4lbs each. How much brine should I inject them with, and after I season them, can I put them on the smoker?
Thanks Bill, and I wish you and your family a very Happy Thanksgiving.

Smoked ribs & turkey

Mr. Bill
Last few times I have cooked pork ribs I have smoked them with indirect heat for about an hour.  I then wrap in toil foil and continue to cook indirect for another 90 minutes or some keeping temp at about 225-250,
This brought me to the smoking turkey idea. Would it work if I smoked turkey indirectly for about an hour and then wrap in tin foil, about same temp?  how long do you suggest I cook in tin foil.

BBQ Turkey

Hi Bill,

I just read in your book about how to slow cook/smoke a turkey. Well, the turkey we have is 20 lbs. The last turkey I smoked was awesome. But this time I decided to check out your ideas. I do like your ideas and I will use them. Here is my question: How long and at what temperature should I smoke a 20 lb’er.

I have a Stump Smoker.
That’s in advance.

God Bless you and your family!
Merry Christmas!

When is turkey done?

Bill I have a large Pitts and Spits unit and while the turkey was cooking I wanted to also cook ribs, chicken, sausage, corn on the cob, sweet potatoes, brisket….and would like to cook at 225-250….I know you said 325 on the turkey but that just won’t work because of my other products….any suggestions on how I can keep it from drying out….12 lb bird

Smoked turkey success

I have had my Lang 60 for about a year and am getting more confident with it, so I decided to smoke a turkey this year but had no idea where to begin. Your email came with the smoking instructions for a turkey and I followed it verbatim. Everyone said it was the best turkey they have ever had. I bought the Competition BBQ Secrets book shortly after I got my Lang. I go on the Smoke Ring site for ideas but find myself going back to the Secrets Book. I enjoy your competition reports and emails.
Brooksville, FL