How to know when ribs are done

Greetings Bill, I am sorry to hear that you had problems last week, I would like to ask a question in hopes of a tip from your years of experience.

I am using your maverick ET-73 remote thermometer and following your instructions for cooking ribs in your competition BBQ book. I am not competing, I just like a good rib. ┬áMy question is for pork loin-back ribs, I do the steps in your book, but I do not wrap them in foil for a steam. I am using a new smoker and learning its’ tricks… At 230’F, I find that in about 3 hours, they are done nicely, meat temp is 168’F, very tender and juicy. I am wondering if you have a final meat temperature for your pork ribs to help me make them just a bit better. Due to the small size of my smoker, I have to cut the rib racks to 14″ long. Thank you very much for your time and advice.