Lechon Baboy - Philippine Style Roasted Pig

I was in the Philippines recently visiting a friend and while I was there, they did a pig roast - or as they call it there... Lechon Baboy.

WARNING: this newsletter shows a pig roast from start to finish. And when I say "start", I mean a live pig. So... if you don't want to see these somewhat graphic pictures, DO NOT page down any further.

Of course, this is not how we show you how to slow smoke pork in our book "Competition BBQ Secrets". But I thought it would be interesting to show you how they do it in other countries. A lot of people here in the US like to do backyard pig roasts every now and then. You can buy whole hogs already dressed down and cleaned up. All you need to do is put it on a spit, fill the cavity with your favorite spices, herbs, shallots, garlic, vinegar, soy sauce, etc and sew it up and then roast it for about 3 hours or more depending on the size...

I also have some videos of roasted pig Philippine style - Just Click Here - Lechon Baboy!

This is Adel making out his ingredients list - the other guys are getting ready to tie the pig's feet up.

Quick kill with a long knife through the throat and into the heart. Note that the blood is saved - nothing is wasted.

Hot water is used to loosen the hair. The feet are dipped in the hot water to loosen the hoofs which are pulled off.

The pig is rinsed with hot water and fresh cold water often to keep things clean.

The hair and skin are scraped off with knives and razor blades.

The hair and skin are scraped off with knives and razor blades. 

The guts are saved and cooked up - this is a delicacy in the Philippines.

I can't tell you the exact details on how to gut the pig bacause I was only watching. I do know that a tendon or muscle was cut out from along the backbone and some tendons in the rear legs were cut so they would lay flatter. He also reached through the hole in the throat to cut the throat and pulled it down.

The bamboo spit is inserted and the legs are tied up with ratan. A nail is driven through the butt and nose to keep it from slipping.

Spices are inserted in the cavity and it is sewn up. The neck is sewn up too. The spices they used were some sort of grass, shallots, garlic, vinegar, soy sauce, and good old Coca Cola.

To the pit!

Can't wait!!

They turned it rather quickly over charcoal for three hours.

The skin was first rubbed with vegetable oil and then occasionally with Coca Cola.

They love the crispy skin - especially the ears.

I must say... the final result was very tender and tasty!